Dear Visitor! I guess you have already seen that this page is mostly in hungarian. Hungary is located in East-Europe and it had a really different golden age in video gaming and computing, so I decided we REALLY need a hungarian page about the Atari 2600 that nobody knew about. In Hungary, our childhood was mostly about the Commodore 64 and the ZX Spectrum, as you can see it in the documentary movie “Moleman 4: Playthrough“, a lot of great games was developed here and distributed by Ariolasoft, Activision, Mirrorsoft and so on. The were a lot of interesting hungarian computers like the Primo, Homelab (this was the only one containing self-made parts), HT1080/z and so on.

Scarabeus is a great example of advanced C64 programming
Primo was near to become the hungarian Spectrum, a great Z80 based computer, but the Commodore 16 beat them in price.








So gaming and computer held hands together and gaming consoles was really not known besides pongs, Hong Kong and Taiwan made a lot of Atari 2600 and Famicom clones, that could be bought on the market. So I thought, there are a lot of information about the King of Video Games on the world wide web, but you can really find less about it in my first language.

In Hungary, most of people couldn’t tell the difference to the real thing.

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Atarian – My youtube channel, that is focusing on the VCS as well. The more important video has english subtitles and I always share them in the FB groups AtariAge, Atari 2600, etc.

Büszkeségeim – This page is about the most valuable and important pieces of my collection.

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Jómagam – This is about myself. 🙂 I’m a social worker of the Red Cross, but I also have strong connections to the computer and video game systems that were born before the NES has hit the scene.

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Letöltés – The latest Stella emulator and most of the ROMs I know about can be accessed here as a list.

Történet – The story and success of Atari and the VCS, and what happened to the company after the crash of 1983.